The Dal-Västra Värmlands Railway started running on the 1st of March 1928, travelling between Mellerud and Arvika. The railway was very important for the people in Northern Dalsland and Southwestern Värmland.

At that time, there were numerous paper industries along the Dalsland’s canal and the railway provided swift transport of goods all year round. In spite of the huge demand for a railway, the company made a negative income from the very start and went bankrupt. In 1935 the railway was taken over by the Bergslagernas Railway “BJ”.

The railway was nationalized in 1948. The use of private cars and truck traffic increased in the 1960s and 70s, this in turn led to a decreased passenger base and a decline in the amount of goods being transported. After some time, the railway traffic had to be discontinued. The last passenger train, on the route Arvika to Bengtsfors, traveled on the 9th of June 1985 and the passenger traffic between Mellerud and Bengtsfors was shut down on the 31st of August 1986.

The passenger traffic between Mellerud and Bengtsfors was reopened one year later, in 1987. A foundation by the municipalities in Bengtsfors, Mellerud and Årjäng started a charter and an intercity service during the summers, from June to August. The investment has been very successful. The DVVJ foundation is also operating draisine traffic between Bengtsfors and Årjäng. You can rent draisines in Bengtsfors all year round and in summertime you can also rent them in Årjäng. It is an extraordinary experience to pedal a draisine and the railway really lives up to its name – “The Railway of Beautiful Views”!

Gilla oss !
Vädret i Bengtsfors