DSC_0640To pedal a trolley through our beautiful nature is something EVERYONE can do.

It is quite a special feeling to set off straight into the wilderness, where large stretches of your route is far away from roads and car traffic.

The scenery is diverse, you pedal trough untouched nature and open landscapes, alongside small forest tarns and great lakes where the beautiful views succeed one another and you will get unforgettable impressions that will last for a lifetime.

You can choose to pedal for one or several days, to go for a short excursion on the tracks or pedal the whole stretch between Bengtsfors and Kyrkerud (Årjäng).

A map to our office in Bengtsfors: Map to Bengtsfors

A map to our office in Kyrkerud, just outside of Årjäng: Map to Årjäng.

To book a trolley tour, call +46 531 – 52 68 01 

Gilla oss !
Vädret i Bengtsfors