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Welcome to DVVJ!
Dal-Västra Värmland Järnväg

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Your nature adventure in the heart of Dalsland

Enjoy a nature adventure with a unique and relaxing experience - by trolley! Between Bengtsfors and Kyrkerud in Årjäng, we have a railway that takes you close to the wilderness and far away from everyday life. Enjoy the freedom as you whiz through the landscape along small woodlands and large lakes. Start planning today!


About DVVJ

The railway, which is 93 km long, stretches from Mellerud in the south through the beautiful and varied nature of Dalsland and Värmland to Kyrkerud in Årjäng, in the north. Long stretches run along the edge of Dalsland's canal and other beautiful waterways. With Bengtsfors as a hub, we operate southbound train traffic to Mellerud and northbound train traffic to Kyrkerud (Årjäng).

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Movie about "Stora kanalrundan"

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