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Gammelgårdens Friluftsmuseum

An open-air museum consisting of more than 20 houses, such as a longhouse, flourmill, salt mill, “ryggås-cottages”, presshus, black smithy and much more. We also have an outdoor stage with a dance pavilion. Adjacent to the open-air museum on Majberget in Bengstfors is Halmens Hus, Gammelgårdens Kaffestuga and STF’s hostel.

Tel. +46 531-126 20

Halmens Hus

A straw craft museum and associated retail. The only straw specialized museum in Sweden! We have a permanent exhibition on the history of the straw and its economical impact on the local district. A vivid handicraft-center with an ongoing development in the straw handicraft, in terms of design and functionality. Temporary exhibitions are also arranged.
Open all year round.
Guided tours can be reserved.

Tel. +46 531-126 42

The Candy Factory (Godisfabriken)

Get some freshly made candy for your trip. The candy factory has a well-stocked shop with roughly 140 varieties of candy to choose from.

Tel. +46 531-375 63

MG_7092A top modern cinema with all the latest sound and imaging technology and a cozy salon that seats 245 people. Odéon Cinema shows movies 3-5 times per week and is open all year round.


For the current movie showtimes, see our website.

Tel. +46 531 – 104 00

Baldersnäs Manor (Herrgård)

In addition to the lushly beautiful English park and the welcoming surroundings, several different activities are arranged here.

You can even dine and stay in this magnificent country estate.

Phone. +46 531 – 412 13


The Petroglyphs in Tisselskog

The Petroglyphs in Högsbyn, Tisselskog is Dalsland’s largest and most remarkable monument. The rock carvings are located in a scenic cultural landscape, which is a nature reserve.

Adjacent to the area is a café and an exhibition. It is beautifully located by the Råvarpen beach.

Guided tours can be booked. The area is located 6 km to the east of Dals Långed, towards Tisselskog. You can take the train here!

Tel.: +46 531 – 431 20


Photo by Roy Mårtensson

The Aqueduct in Håverud

Here is where you will find the famous aqueduct (water bridge). Nowhere else does an aqueduct, a road bridge and a railway bridge meet, one above the other!

The Canal Museum, other exhibitions, restaurants, local crafts, hotels and hostels are all located here.

More than 100.000 people visit the Dalsland Center by the Aqueduct in Håverud each year. Visit the Dalsland Center to experience the interesting exhibition displaying the local trade and industry in Dalsland, visit our temporary exhibitions or utilize the exquisite conference opportunities.
We also have a souvenir boutique, cafeteria, kiosk and a tourist office where you amongst other things, can book a tour on the canal boats.
Tel. +46 530-308 80

Dalsland Art Museum

The Dalsland museum, art gallery and café. A fantastic museum that shows the very best of what Dalsland has to offer in terms of art, furniture, silver, cups and much more. Furthermore, we often have temporary exhibitions. The museum was inaugurated by the Swedish King and Queen in 1995.
Tel. +46 530 300 98

The Nordic Trotting Museum

The only one of its kind in all of Europe. We offer an insight into the roots and development of the trot. Furthermore, the development of the horse and its importance for human beings through the ages are also displayed.

The museum can be found in Årjäng.

The Troll of Årjäng

He stands by the hotel in Årjäng, with a shoe size of 3,5 meters and a slide down the tail for the children.

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