Traffic rules


The following traffic rules have been developed for our draisine tracks in order for your draisine tour to operate smoothly and become as enjoyable as possible.

Everyone will receive this information at the time of the rental.

  • Always keep a distance of at least 20 meters between the draisines.
  • South-coming draisines (traveling from Bengtsfors) always have “right of way”
  • The draisines can reach a high velocity and falls can therefore become quite hard if you accidently derail. WATCH OUT, DO NOT DRIVE TOO FAST.
  • The tracks are cleared – but twigs, rocks, garbage etc. can appear on the tracks. THERE IS A RISK FOR DERAILING. Be careful and if there is a hindrance on the tracks kindly remove it.
  • Pay attention at road intersections. Draisines are obligated to STOP.
  • Take it easy on downhill slopes. Consider oncoming draisines. Start BRAKING IN DUE TIME.
  • Right before Bengtsfors’ station, at the sign “Vänd dressin” (eng: turn your draisine around), the draisine has to be turned around and then led back for the remainder of the track.
  • Draisine pedaling is not allowed south of Bengsfors’ station.
  • If you stop along the route for a longer break, to eat, swim or just to enjoy the nature kindly lift the draisine off the tracks.
  • There are two ways to lift the draisine – either in the handles below the bench or in the frame. DO NOT LIFT IN THE SADDLE OR THE HANDLEBAR – damages may occur and will cause you problems on the tour.
  • Follow the instructions on the signs along the tracks.
  • For everyone’s comfort, bring your waste back with you. DO NOT LITTER….SAVE THE ENVIRONMENT!
  • To avoid accidents – sit down on the draisine while pedaling.
  • Damage to the draisine due to carelessness will render the renter liable to pay for all damages.

For all other questions, please see the attendant.



Gilla oss !
Vädret i Bengtsfors