We operate the railway with our railcar type Y1 from the 80’s .
Changes in the timetable can occur for different reasons.

The railway goes through the diverse nature of Dalsland, open landscapes, enchanted forests and alongside breathtakingly beautiful sights of Dalsland’s canal.

Along the way you will cross over the railway bridge by the famous aqueduct in Håverud, where we make a stop to allow photography or merely for you to admire the view over Nils Ericsson’s renowned work (the aqueduct) and some of the canal locks.

As a tourist in Dalsland, this is one of the attractions you do not want to miss. Whether you combine with a boat tour on the canal or “merely” take the train.
This truly is the entrance into Dalsland, when travelling to Mellerud by train or bus from Karlstad or Gothenburg.

Take a relaxing train ride when visiting local landmarks, such as the petroglyphs in Tisselskog.


Photo by Peter Montfrooij

The route is operated with railcar model Y1.

Here at the bridge in Långbron.

Photo by Roy Mårtensson

Railway bridge over the aqueduct in Håverud.


Gilla oss !
Vädret i Bengtsfors