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To pedal draisine through our beautiful nature is something EVERYONE can do.

You can pedal draisine, a pedal-powered rail-cycle, between Bengtsfors and Årjäng! We have single and tandem draisines. A tour on the draisines is a relaxing amusement for all ages.


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With us, you can catch the train between Bengtsfors and Mellerud. Our Y1 multiple units from the 80’s routinely cover this route.

On Saturdays, it is possible to travel with our original railbuses from the 50’s.

Services for railway

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Utöver turistverksamheten utför DVVJ även entreprenadjobb på järnväg. Vi tillhandahåller personal med kompetens som täcker det mesta inom arbete på järnväg.

Vänd Er gärna till oss om Ni behöver förare, tillsyningsman, dragkraft m.m.