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Speed up your nature adventure with a unique and relaxing experience - step on the trolley! Between Bengtsfors and Kyrkerud in Årjäng, we have a railway that takes you close to the wilderness and far away from everyday life. Enjoy the freedom as you whiz through the landscape, along small woodlands and large lakes. Start planning today!


Going by trolley is relaxing fun for all ages!

Single trolley

Is for 1-2 people. One who pedals and one who rides along. A smaller child can sit on the bench together with an adult.
The single trolley weighs 60 kg.

Tandem trolley

Is for 2 – 3 people. Two who pedal and one who rides along. A smaller child can sit on the bench together with an adult.The tandem trolley weighs 90 kg.

The trolley track

The entire distance between Bengtsfors and Kyrkerud (Årjäng) is 50 km.

Kiosk is at Silverlake Camp in Kråkviken, while country store and restaurants are in Gustavsfors.

Along the way there are several rest areas and overnight accommodation.

Distance from Bengtsfors:

  • Kråkviken 16 km

  • Gustavsfors 24 km

  • Flower forest 38 km

  • Kyrkerud (Årjäng) 50 km

Vanliga frågor


Can you bring your dog? It's up to the dog owners to determine what their dog can handle. But it should be noted that trolleys are not silent, and some dogs may find it a bit uncomfortable. But please feel free to come and try a few meters before deciding to bring your dog.

Do children have to wear helmets? No, it's not a requirement, but a recommendation. Cycling a trolley is not 100% risk-free, but if you follow our safety rules, it should not be a problem.

Can you drink alcohol? We discourage any consumption of alcohol due to the safety risks that may arise. If we see that someone is too intoxicated, we will not send them out on the track.

Do you have to go the entire way? No, you don't have to. Many of our customers go about half the way before turning their trolley around and cycling back. Another option is to book transportation for the trolley (additional transport fee applies) and then take the bus back.

Is there a café or shop along the route? Between Bengtsfors and Gustavsfors, there is Silverlake where you can buy refreshments and ice cream. In Gustavsfors, you can find a grocery store, café, and restaurants. Between Gustavsfors and Årjäng, we recommend that you bring food/drink with you as nature is the closest shop.

What about encounters with other trolleys? The trolleys coming from Bengtsfors have the right of way, which means that those coming from Årjäng need to lift their trolley off the track and let the oncoming trolley pass.

Is there a restroom available along the route? There is a restroom available at Silverlake, Kråkviken (outhouse), in Gustavsfors, and at the station in Årjäng.

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