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DVVJ | Dal- Västra Värmland Railway | The Beautiful Views Railway

The railway, which is 93 km long, stretches from Mellerud in the south through the beautiful and varied nature of Dalsland and Värmland to Kyrkerud in Årjäng, in the north. Long stretches run along the edge of Dalsland's canal and other beautiful waterways. With Bengtsfors as a hub, we operate southbound train traffic to Mellerud and northbound train traffic to Kyrkerud (Årjäng).


On March 1, 1928, traffic started on the Dal-Västra Värmland Railway running between Mellerud and Arvika. The railway meant a lot to the people in northern Dalsland and southwestern Värmland.

At the time, there were many industries along Dalsland's canal which, when the railway came, could carry out fast transport all year round. Despite the great need for a railway, it was already running at a loss from the start. The company went bankrupt in 1935 and was instead taken over by Bergslagernas järnväg, BJ.

The railway was nationalized in 1948. During the sixties and seventies, private cars and truck traffic increased, which meant the number of passengers decreased and the number of goods fell. This eventually led to the railway being shut down. The last passenger train on the Arvika - Bengtsfors route ran on June 9, 1985, and passenger traffic between Mellerud and Bengtsfors was discontinued on August 31, 1986.

A year later, in 1987, passenger traffic resumed between Mellerud and Bengtsfors. A foundation of the municipalities of Bengtsfors, Mellerud and Årjäng started charter and scheduled services during the summer from June to August. The investment has been very successful. The DVVJ foundation also operates trolley traffic between Bengtsfors and Årjäng. In Bengtsfors, you can rent a trolley all year round and in summer also in Årjäng. It is a different experience to step on the trolley; the railway really lives up to its name: The Beautiful Views Railway!


The sustainability step


DVVJ rents trolley to its guests in Dalsland and Värmland and you can book dressers almost all year round. With a trolley, you can explore the beautiful landscape and at the same time protect nature. This is a great experience not only for tourists but also for local people.  Good cooperation with other companies is also very important to us at DVVJ. In this way, we can offer our guests new experiences. DVVJ offers another travel option, a trip by train in the summer. A trip along Dalsland's canal offers the opportunity to explore nature without a car, hike or shorten the cycle ride. The train connection is also used for the round trip by canal boat. In addition, of course, we sort our waste!



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