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Safety rules

  • Always keep a distance of at least 20 meters between the trolleys.

  • Trains coming from the south (those coming from Bengtsfors) have the right of way.

  • Trolleys can reach a high speed and it can be a hard fall if you derail. BE CAREFUL, DON'T DRIVE TOO FAST

  • The track is cleared, but twigs, stones, debris and the like may appear on the track. RISK MAY EXIST OF TRACKING. Be careful and if there are obstacles on the track, we will be grateful if you clear them away.

  • Be careful at road crossings. STOP LIGHT applies to trolleys.

  • Take it easy on downhills. Consider oncoming trolleys. Start BRAKING IN TIME.

  • Before Bengtsfors station at the sign "Vänd dressin/Turn trolley" the dressin must be turned around and led back.

  • It is not permitted to continue with trolley south of Bengtsfors station.

  • If you stay for a longer time, to eat, swim or enjoy nature, please lift the trolley from the track.

  • There are two ways to lift the trolley. Either in the handles under the bench or in the frame. DO NOT LIFT IN THE SADDLE OR HANDLEBAR, damage will occur.

  • Follow the directions given on signs after the track.

  • For everyone's comfort, please bring waste and litter. DO NOT THROW IN NATURE.

  • Sit down and pedal to avoid the risk of accidents.

  • If damage to the trolley is caused due to carelessness, the renter may be liable for compensation.

  • Along the track there are so-called kilometer boards with numbers on them. Its function is that you should be able to know where you are if something were to happen. That way we can find you easily. Keep an eye on these!

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